Saturday, December 17, 2011

Love - The Myth or Truth ?

Am gonna talk about love. To be specific, my perception and reflection on the 'image' that has been given to it. In other words on how i see the visual representation given to it and how i really experience it.

But before i talk about the given image, if i have to answer who gave the image? i seriously do not have a precise answer, in general i can call it the society that sums up the media, books, historical stories...etc

So, what does the image tells me?

It describes the love as a divine attraction between the opposite sex. very pure, one to one and cannot be shifted or shared apart from that 'two'. If that two fail to get to each other, then their life would become insane. Anything beyond a 'love failure' for the two becomes a mere sacrifice and doesnt get counted at all. Love gives dreams, unlimited energy, intoxication...
The expectation is that even for a one sided love, for a boy usually, he becomes incapable of getting any possible future love (pure).

This is all what i have heard and read and shown. Did i happen to experience all of them above and do i agree completely?

I have to agree that there is intoxication, energy and motivation. For my school experience(one side love) gave me energy and motivation to lift myself from a average scoring invisible guy to someone who was respected for a sudden positive and fruitful academic output. It did give me the life, to be frank. it obviously also was intoxicating.
I can even agree that it was divine, for it was an attraction between opposite sex and how could it not be divine? :D oh yes, in other words, i am calling it a natural process, thats common to any being. Even with food, a human being gets excited to eat his favorite when he is hungry.

Eg: A plate full of chicken biriyani in front of a heavily hungry pure non-veg guy.

in exactly similar lines, attraction is a normal process, am not even trying to explain here with hormone concept,i dont see a need.

Attraction is as normal as hunger, very physical.

The unlimited energy that we are talking about, would be possible for any human who runs for his long awaited goal and the goal need not necessarily be love always. it just becomes a motivation factor in this case.

So, what happens when you fail your first love? ofcourse it hurts, but you know what, the hurt i realize is not by the attraction but by the developed dreams and thoughts which are the culprits. Anyone who gets to love, starts building his fort with his dreams and thoughts and when the love fails, its the fort that is shaken! there isnt anything else to be shaken if you analyse it yourself deeply.

When i failed on my school love, i did not end up numb to all future attractive females. time heals these wounds so fast. I seriously realized that it never ended, the attraction, but it also didnt bother me with multiple divine attractions at the same time. i hope thats because i get occupied myself with the 'current' attraction at any point of time ;)

So, what about being ready to stake life? to me, that again is a natural process as well. In the sense, when you develop so much of a belief on the one whom you are attracted to, how can you not be ready to give your life? One would be ready to stake his life for anyone with whom he has the utmost understanding, respect, care and affection, be it a blood relation or friendship. is there anyone who would say he wouldnt die for his family or close friends when there is a need?

Its not the failed love that haunts a human, but the memories of those developed dreams and thoughts of the failed love that haunts.

Those who succeed in their first love, are probably gifted, but they never get a chance to see the other side of the coin.

Love (Fort) is built with bricks(dreams and thoughts) and adhesive (attraction).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

7aam Arivu


>Logical flaws. For eg: There was no govt reaction to so many sudden killings by the one man army from china or abt the BioWar. All news channels only talk about the epidemic

>Overdose of hypnotism

>Overdose of tamil patriotism. In the sense, dint fit in the story that much

>Songs dint blend to the situation

>Artificial reactions of the protagonists at instances



>Action Sequences. Enjoyed the neatness and freshness of their execution in a tamil film. Especially the first one by the Damo

>Dong Li - the villain

>Dint bore me anywhere

Conclusion: I enjoyed the movie. I believe the director had given much of the importance to all the above pluses and i had no problem in digesting any of the minuses. More than gud enough for a Tamil Cinema.

Am sure this movie would have been 5 times better had Vikram taken the lead directed by Shankar ;-)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

On the Lokpal Movement by Anna

Wrote this to comment on my Friends post on the Anna's Lokpal Movement on Aug 21st 2011.

In IT terms i see this as an out of the box thinking from the Anna's team. usually the only solution to
all the miseries in the country has always been a dream of getting great rulers. Its always what was shown
in media and debated as well everywhere to my knowledge. a great CM or PM can only do it. I do see
Nitish and Modi in that line as probable hopes, though i donot know them in detail except the
good things they have been doing in their states.
But this movement suddenly comes from no where and
tells me 'I am the solution'. Yes i do see this as the only possible and practical solution to
all the miseries, provided it succeeds. Hope we have the determination to make it succeed. It is practically
impossible to think of right ppl taking over politics by uprooting all the scammers and culprits. in that case
there wouldnt be a need for any lokpal at all :)
Now this movement does not ask for great CM or a PM. It forces and will force anyone who sits
in the seat and thinks that there is none to question him, to rethink. It would make him understand that
he is just another fellow among
every other common citizen who will be questioned.

MR. Arvind Kejrival, listening to him in a few videos hav made me a fan of him for life.
Though had read some differences here and there on both Lokpal bills, I still havent read the
complete 'Jan Lokpal Bill', i dont feel the need at all after listening to him speaking to Chennai IIT.
In every video, he is Bang ON! Yes Bang on the targets, on the critics, on the culprits!

To everyone who are puzzled about 'why this movement? when democratically the bill is on
parliament table,including MR Nilekani, am puzzled on how you guys are blind to see who is all
actually in parliament? do u really see that you have guys with real intention of eradicating corruption
and bring bliss to the whole country? But if u stil want to believe in them just because
they have been voted, Am really sorry, we have already waited , oh no, wasted more than 40 yrs
for this bill, and ofcourse i have no trust on sitting elected members. For ppl, it was always a choice of
best of the worst in elections.

To those who claim that the bill has a lot of holes, i say, no, this bill would make sure 'No Corruption Leaks'
Yes it is leak proof of corruption. If stil u wanna debate, very much agree to debate it on parliament but
with this "Jan Lokpal'

To those who dont care whats goin on, hope your fate lets you this way for ever,
otherwise you will be the one to suffer worst for your apathy.

Am witnessing what RTI is doing already, and am able to visualize what will happen if this bill passes.
Am all with Anna and his army.

Oh wait, am not into the army yet. All i could say, my time hasnt come yet.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The other side of the interview panel

Jun 19:

Just like the kids being nervous of the needle, I am nervous about interviews. I lost all on campus interviews on my final yr BE. I cleared around 10 first/second rounds but failed in the final of the all except Infy's, the last one to rescue me. Though my language was one of the reasons, i would credit more to my nervousness, you can call it stage fear as well. How did i clear Infy then? trust me, it was only by the grace of the God! :)

Yesterday, after more than 6 years, I had to sit in the other side of the interview panel @ infy. I was ofcourse nervous again and actually was trying to avoid it as much as I can for a month already.There were other factors that helped me push for that one month, like, venue was Shols Infy which is about 30 kms and also scheduled for a Saturday. I knew, i have to face it tomorrow if not today. As I agreed, was hoping still for it to be pushed even further by the organizers. That dint happen. I sat almost the whole night to brush up my Java skills. Woke up early on alarm, started from home by 7 AM. I had to be at office by 8.45. Though it was supposed be 45 min ride, started early as the route was new for my pulsar. Reached office, and we gathered in a conf hall for instructions. there were many other freshers as well for the panel. To hide the tension, i started playing Ninja Rush on my Nexus which betrayed me.

Went to the interview room with another panelist. When the first interviewee came in, I got completely comfortable within seconds, because the guy who came in, was so shivering like anything....:D

Friday, June 17, 2011

Why do i Grow?

Post : Jun 16 midnight

For some days or months now, have been breaking my head on what next. Shifting company for more money and better work (?), some investment, a new venture and finally yes ofcourse the coupling, some call it marriage. Am not even comfortable on using the word. let me go with coupling. First, am not convinced yet with a right reason for it. when i ask why? i dont get an answer other than the male instinct (ok call it sex if u want) . Any other reason like 'a company', 'a parent care taker' , 'a burden sharer' nothing works out....which ever i would want to attach it to, makes me feel a cheat myself or a guy running away from his duties. if i try to give a deep thought, i find that i have nothing else to hold strong on to stick to the world. This is very real.

when kid, it was parents who were deciding for most things, except the time i got to play. And to play was an instinct. I pushed myself to decent score because of an interest i had with a girl. It clearly was a message that instincts were either shifting or expanding. Getting to job for the future of the family was a natural objective and goal. Now, things are different. Am at a distance from all my siblings. My immediate responsibility is parents, but they dont depend much on me. Also they think otherwise, that is, they wanna open a pleasant door for my future by getting me coupled to the right girl. They see it as their responsibility or a pending burden.

Havent been strongly stopping them and thats becoz i dont know if to stop would be right for i dont see a better alternate to propose. All i have been telling them is am not settled yet and to go slow. Also if I stop them now, what if am wrong and regret in the future?

Getting to the intellectual piece again, only thing i could realize is that we were (not just me), from birth, only trying to keep ourselves busy by getting into something. Whats 'Ourselves' in the previous sentence? it could be the soul or brain or mind or spirit or whatever, the whatever that we think as ourselves.

In simple words, when hungry we push to feed ourselves and that becomes the only goal of life until it is done. After it is done, you move to the next on list. Could be your work or play. something physical. Take it in general terms and dont compare it to any specific instance. Applies to all actions, isnt it?
I can also give an example. When i first drove a pulsar of my firend's, i started to crave for a good bike and especially a pulsar. When i bought it myself after a couple of years, i was on cloud 9 and was living with it literally. After a week, my craze faded. And when it faded, i could feel it. i understood i was wrong.
Every single relationship is an artificial creation by ourselves. Just becoz the male -female coupling had been proven to be a best known route by society, we all push ourselves. i strongly believe that this is a result of a very limited comparative study we have done.

So many of my friends are getting/got married, and i doubt they did it with any good reason. Infact, if any one of the girls of my crush list had agreed, i might hav delayed this blog post about 'why?' and would have continued to respond to different pushes from all directions of life.

What, Why, When - should i do next?

Would it have helped if i hadnt grown?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back Home!

Been 2 months now. Landed on March 27th. Was a lil different this time. Dint have the excitement that much compared to my previous vacation landings. May be becoz i dint have the return date on mind, also its a trip after almost 6 months.

Heat and Crowd! OMG dunno how this country gonna survive this two nightmares. It has become difficult to sleep @ home with just a fan during summer. It sweats with the fan blowing the hot air on you. And the crowd makes your life tough wherever you go. Even the company food court (Infy Mcity FC2) is so crowded i hate to have lunch there.

First week after my return was pleasant. Took off, stayed home, watched the cricket world cup quarter, semi and finals. Distribution of purchases, time with my nephew and niece. Moved my parents along with me to MM Nagar in the mid of April. Been buying home appliances and other stuff now and then. Moving on.

Missing company of my wavelength, but still have been spending time with family and family friends. Movies, temples ...though not too often.

Changes? I dont remember a day of feeling hungry after landing. Also never felt loneliness. These two were ofcourse more than often there at Chicago. But have started thinking about bank balance. Which i dint care much there. What wins? Time can only answer!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dropping Airtel (Story of 98840 25846)

A few days back, i got my outgoing from 9790935846 blocked. Until then it was all great with airtel. Cust Care (50p for every 3 mins) helped me understand that i had to submit address proof docs for the onlline address update i did a couple of days back. Got irritated as i wasnt informed on their website, to add, was neither informed by message or call before blocking my calls.Even my fight with their english speaking supervisor dint help. Was told to submit docs at the nearest airtel showroom, thats the only way. More than calls, irritation was because i was handicapped kind of without the 3G .

Next day at office i sent emails to 121 email id which i used to get prompt response. They did reply with an excel list of Airtel Showrooms all over chennai. I rejected their response and asked for an alternate. Thats it, i got only acknowledgement response for all the emails and reminders after that for the next two days.

Went to the guy at the company airtel kiosk. He gave me 3 options.

1. Change my bank comm address and provide that as address proof or a rental agreement for the address. He cant take my HR address proof lettter :(

2. Fight with the 121 email responder.

3. Change my number to prepaid by visiting an airtel showroom (Nearest @ chromepet). And he will get it back to postpaid after a week.

In my last email to 121, i did inform them of closing my conn if not resolved that day.

Next day, i was at Vodafone kiosk. Found that i cant port my number as my outgoing is blocked. Porting would need me send SMS to specific numbers. Also would take 10 days.

98840 25846

Update (Jun 11 2011): Am back to airtel because of 3G. I was about to get a new connection but got back the same old number. After my email request to cust care for closing the connection, surprisingly found the number alive. To add, got a message that i got 15 day rental discount :D. Love 3G! :-)

just an FYI.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nexus S

Spent already a week now with my Nexus S.

The Google Nexus from Samsung.

Haven't used a smart phone before but had recently got a latest ipod touch from Apple. So you can consider this review accordingly.

Will go with the '-' first.


1. Bulkier (than iphone ofcourse)

2. Display is good but doesnt match the retina display of apple

3. Apps arent yet good enough. You have almost all of them though.

4. Error messages while with the apps. At times irritant.

5. Restarted twice by itself for no reason. not sure if i did something wrong ?

6. So polished and shiny that it got slipped on road and got small scratch (my mistake?)

7. Ear phone - :(

8. Most of them all, takes at the least 3 hrs to charge from 0 - 100% battery. Thats really annoying. Approximately 2 minutes for every 1% if you leave it idle. It displays the % while charging. Drains fast when you watch videos.

Lets see the '+' now


1. Amazing touch experience, indeed better than ipod touch. Am so comfortable with gtalk chatting compared to ipod touch. The virtual keypad with auto complete of words (dictionary?) does rock!

2. Faster! youtube, apps or be it anything...i can feel it faster with just my wifi. It is in comparison with my Ipod touch again. I dont have a data plan. no idea hows that.

3. 5 MP Camera - Literally rocks!. Iphone cant stand near this. Flash is a great advantage as well. Dint worry much abt the front camera

4. USB storage. I could copy many gb of songs easily. What this means is , i can connect to any machine instantly to copy stuff from that machine. with ipod touch i can use it with only that machine where i have got my itune installed and synced with ipod already.

5. Gallery loads the picasa albums as well.

6. Contacts: you can join multiple contacts to one in order to group them if you got them imported from different accounts. dunno if it is there in iphone.

Though it has GPS and other things, havent used them much, so no comments. Also i dont see any difference with the music player.

Conclusion: Though i personally have always had an edge for Apple, it is the touch and faster experience that i am enjoying the most and i dont regret for any of the minuses above! :)

Nexus Rocks!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dhobi Ghat - ?

I just watched this movie a couple of hrs back. Today is Feb 05, 2011.
This movie has very true instances one could possibly have in his life narrated beautifully. Not even a single frame you would find exaggerated or illogical. 100% pure on life. And i was wrong, it indeed has a great story (infact stories) and not a documentary. It has lots of emotions. Every frame speaks.
Three protagonists, no no it is 4 , filling it without a glitch. It is indeed the director who should be credited for this one of the most beautiful narrations.
But it can no way satisfy everyone.

In a line, it is a filling movie to watch.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fate and Fact, The Battle

Date Written: May 30, 2008

Fate and Fact, The Battle

She is yours! said the fate

I did breathe those words

But She kept proving me wrong

Did I hear differently?

Or, was she cheating the fate with fact,

Before I could digest,

Realization keeps guiding me to the fate

For how could I exist without breathing?

am getting Lost in the battle field!