Saturday, May 30, 2009

My English....

Sat, May 30
English! The language i wish i had conquered! Unfortunately i pity the state of this language in my hands...
The grammar and vocabulary both arent upto the mark, not even in the horizons. Less than average to be honest. I fail to express my thoughts as is because of the lack of vocabulary it thoughts would seriously slap me if they can, for my choice of words to express them...:)
I realise it more when i read my own blogs after some days. I guess it would be better if i start reading a lot and write a lot...but you know, if at all i read, i prefer to read spiritual than novels which anyways would help only a little for my language....
I miss the language most when i read some good english anywhere. it is such a beautiful and lovely lang to live with...I miss you my Dear!
Not sure of whom to give the credits....i used to hate this lang in my school days to keep my mother tongue high in my personal thoughts. Now, i pay the price by being a bad broadcaster of my thoughts to the world in its lingua franca.
I wish someone/something save my thoughts from my English ASAP! ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Movies....and Me...

May 17, 09
I Watched Angels and Demons today here in AMC (hoffman estates). A gripping movie till the end from the start. Dint feel bored even a second except a few logical flaws...which were too little to be highlighted....
Its a movie am watching almost after 3 months, next to "Naan Kadavul". Am fond of movies from rajini or director bala or shankar or maniratnam and any good english movies too, just like this one "A&D" today.
When i was in S. P. Koil, i used to go for movies very often...mostly to one of the three theatres in Chengalpet. It was saravanan who used to take me to any new tamil film relased there. we watched a lot of them, even when it rains, we never dropped any plans we made.
After saravanan's travel to onsite, my movie trips were haunted in s.p.koil but i made it in my native, my vellore, with friends whom ever is available in the weekends. The new Adlabs or Big Cinemas gave a different and great experience to many families of vellore including me and my friends. I did find a sudden increase in the number of families coming to theatres in the weekends with families even for night shows, which were usually marked only for free roaming youth and jobless. More than the screens and seats, the cleanliness in the urinals/toilets sure needs to be credited for that.
I loved spending time with friends in theatre more than watching the film, especially for the not so good movies. so i can watch almost any film, when am with a company. Have never watched a movie in a theatre alone and i dont want to do it anytime.....
When i got my own pulsar, i started my film trips to chengalpet again with whomever is available. Though the great Sathyam or Inox ambience wouldnt be there in the chengalpet theatres, it really was a different, interesting and relishing feeling in those not so good theatres. your advantages are, you can shout, comment, whistle and do whatever u want to give out ur expression or response for any scene. I do miss those intervals for that watery tea or costly was always a lovely thing to do for me....But in the city theatres, its like my hands are tied when watching films
Unfortunately i dont know the whistling stuff...i tried many a times but failed :( I really pity myself for that...
I just roll back myself now to my school and college days....when in school, i still remember the day when i planned for the movie (First mvie with a friend) with Peter for Speed in the Vishnu theatre (Near Katpadi). Though we planned well ahead and i somehow made 15 rupees from my mom, bcoz of peter's usual last minute "caught ups" we started late in our bicycles. We pedalled very fast and infact i gave my everything to reach the movie as fast as we could to go by the start of it. we made ourselves to the theatre in very less minutes, around 10 -15 , which is about 6 -7 kms from sathuvachari. But the movie had started before our start :) we still watched the movie though....
In college days, my friends used to bug me to join them for movies, but i rarely made it bcoz of the financial constraints....i wanted 50 rupees or atleast 30 -40 rupees for a movie to watch peacefully...but that was a very big amount for my family that time i decided myself to ignore calls from friends. Would have been to 5 or 6 films in the four years. Though friends were ready to pay for me, i wasnt comfortable in doing that....many thought i was not interested in movies at all.....:D

And i guess, that was one reason why i started watching movies very frequently and as much as possible when i started getting pay slips :)

I wish i learn the whistling very soon......:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Longest Mackinac

May 12, 2009
Four of us including myself started by saturday (May 9) morning in a rental car. I joined them in the last minute. I never thought would join them for my code was in QA and had been getting lots of tickets. But since my offshore team showed a great performance the day before, i planned to join the trip banking on offshore. So, dint have any insight of their trip plan. Started from home by around 8 AM, we reached pizza hut after 2 hrs. i decided to take a chicken pizza. No sooner one friend asked me for Buffalo Wings, i replied "No Buffalu, No Steak, no Ham". they were shocked and bursted to laugh. Then i came to know that Buffalo is actually the name of a place and Buffalo wing is actually a chicken dish. he he hehe....After grazing the pizza and chicken we reached the tulips garden. $8 entrance fee. It had 5.5 million flowers. You have to pay a fine of $100 if you happen to damage a flower. Flowers were so beautiful and we did take lots of pics. We started to a near by beach after that. It was the beach of Lake Michigan, largest source of fresh water. It did really look like a sea....amazing waves....i dare not to touch the water....
It was very windy and cold, so packed ourselves shortly with a few snaps.
And then it was a very long drive. I was sleeping most of the time and the 3 others drove alternatively. Stopped twice for gas stations. i picked up delicious coffee on every stop and we reached the Mackinac city by around 10.30 pm. We booked a room for the night for $60.
Good spacious room for 4 of us with two double cots. After a lots of argument and discussion, we planned for a dance club. it was less than a mile away from the room. i was a lil reluctant in the beginning and wanted only food and sleep. but, i joined them finally to give them company and also to see whats there. Dixie's Saloon. It was so beautiful there, it was all made of wood and reminded me of the hotels that i had seen in the chinese movies....great ambience and deafening was all americans inside except we 4 desis. Was nervous too for its my first time in such a place...i was watching guys just going around and starting to hook up with girls around for dance.
I expected two of my friends to start dancing immediately for they were the ones waiting for it so much. I had what i wanted, a plate with lots of delicios chicken pieces, i had atleast 3/4ths. Was so much hungry. There was one song, which shocked me to scream for it had our rahman's bombay tune mixed up. "dhubusubu dhubusubu dhuppu chup..."After an hour, finally the two went for dancing. one of them got a girl, she infact came to him herself and took him for dance. I was also forced to dance finally with her for a short while and she infact commented that i did look cute. Ok ok, I know, she was drunk. Am just telling...He he he....i could have danced better but you know, neither she was that good to impress me nor was i so confident in my first attempt :D
it all ended by around 2 AM and we departed after hugs with that girl....:(
it was all a new and interesting experience for me.
We woke up late and after a short breakfast, vacated the room and went to book tickets to the ferry. it was just over $90 for 4 of us to and fro. Infact till then i dint know that we were about to go to an island, the Mackinac Island. As we had 1 hr for the 12.30 Pm ferry, went for a ride to the Mackinac Bridge. It must have been atleast 4 - 5 miles over the Michigan lake.... for those who wonder how again michigan lake? Please look into the map of US and see how big is Michigan Lake near chicago :)

After the bridge drive. we got back to the ferry. it took us to the island in 20 mins. We all enjoyed the sail sitting in the deck capturing every possible second in the cameras.
I was all amazed at the beauty and freshness of the island. it was very small but so amazingly beautiful. Had a lovely downtown and had a very famous fort. One other interesting thing is, it did not have any cars or any other smoking vehicle but only horse cart and bi-cycles all over for transportation. Bi-cycles were available for free all over and for rent as well. We had a pizza lunch again and gave a long walk climbing over the small mount which had the fort as well. that was too good. we took lots of snaps again on the way amidst the woods and after reaching the peak.

it was time for us to return to catch the 5 Pm ferry back to mackinac city.
On returning, we started our long drive. stopped at mc donalds. chicken was good again :D but the coffee was bad. cant even stand before the gas station coffee which i had again after a while.
we all reached home by around 12.30. i actually felt the difference in the atmosphere between us when we neared our city for every one started to think about their offshore calls :D
Finally it was indeed one of the best trips i had ever and i did improve 200% in my hindi

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sustaining myself...?

May 03, 09
After 5 years, have started eating non-veg. ie, have got a stronger reason than the one for which i stopped. A 5 day fever made it all. May be i guess, all these years i was actually waiting for this, a stronger reason. Though the chicken or lamb here arent that spicy to delight my tongue, am still enjoying.
But its not about eating non-veg, its about me changing mentally. Not just food, have got reasons in lot other things as well like cooking skills, looks, behaviour....etc., now to adapt myself to the situation...Am not sure if am really transforming or if am i exposing myself only now of what i am. But am sure the reasons that were holding me in the past have gone weaker now.

One other thing, unfortunately am being attracted to a girl here as well. Looking back my past, i find myself being attracted to any girl who looks innocent, calm, silent, homely and also fair ;). i couldnt help myself going weaker when confronting her, havent spoken with her till now though. My senses and body lang try to attract her without listening their brain. am seriously afraid of where am i proceeding. my history and my analysis of that history had helped me till now to keep away a bit. I wish it holds me till the end...