Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sri Ramanin Padhayil - Inspiring Vijay TV Weekend Series

Have been told about this by my mom since last week. She was telling me about this because it had shown some places or temples in and around Maharashtra related to or that were mentioned in Ramayana. Since am in Pune she felt i could make it to some of them as she was also aware i have good interest in traveling, ancient places especially.I told her will look into online. But i had already forgot and today she asked me again if i did check the program on youtube. So had to look for it and found it on youtube under vijaytv's channel.

Its a program in tamil anchored by some one who looks like a priest, he is mentioned as 'Famed Spiritualist Velukudi Krishnan' in the video description. Was little hesitant to watch as the program is 40+ minutes. But within a couple of minutes the anchor impressed me by giving very 'contemporary' advices that too very politely. Advices were generic and about being polite to elders and learned to gain knowledge from them based on their experience and education. And he continued to talk about his travelogue. This is actually a series where, as i understand he narrates the trip  that he had anchored to different places around india that were mentioned/related to ramayana. He had done the trip in 2006 and  2010 taking lots of ppl including young and older and in fact in 2010 trip it was a 15 bus full of ppl for 8000 kms. As he slowly started narrating, he narrated both about the places they visited and also the administrative and handling challenges of such a big trip that spanned more than 10 days. Having done many trips myself with friends and relatives, i could proportionate the difficulties and obstacles he would have faced especially in handling the elder ppl.

It was just one of the total 23 episodes that i watched. He does provide more importantly the much needed sincere, intelligent and contemporary advice through out with examples that every youth of today is missing. I loved his narration equally with the ancient places that he showed. He inspires you to visit the places and also to practice an attitude and behavior that is pleasant for everyone.

Never thought i would but have to admit myself that Am impressed.

Check it out on Vijay Tv's youtube channel.