Sunday, March 17, 2013


Watched the movie by Bala yesterday(16-Mar-2013). Have been his fan from the beginning and had liked all of his movies. Till now Pithamagan is the one that i was most impressed, next comes Nandha. Naan Kadavul is more than a movie to me. Ofcourse Sethu the first impression, and even he dint disappoint me with Avan Ivan. I know there are some of his fans who got disappointed with Avan Ivan.
Coming to Paradesi, it was an absolute feel of the pain of our ancestors who got into the work at initial tea estates for the british. Though i cant personally verify the facts or details, i still can logically guess with my own limited knowledge that most of it if not all mentioned in the movie must all be true. Such a riveting visual register of past, now comes the question of commercial elements! Could he avoided those songs especially by the christian doctor in the movie, but finally its a movie and all his movies he made sure to have comedy,song and action. Is it really Bala to blame? i personally believe he would  be more than happy to take a documentary like movie without any of them but will our majority audience take it? He makes sure though in all his movies, he portrays closer to real, quality and way of life applicable to his characters.
This movie made me realise that i am slowly forgetting what our ancestors went through, am sure many did feel it the same way. The color tone, bgm, music, dialogues, locations, editing...everything looked perfect. Ok, some did complain about the makeup especially vedhika's! i dont feel like i should be worried about it at all.
Finally, if you dont watch it, its not Bala at loss.