Saturday, May 30, 2015

How about reservation for women?

How about reservation for women?

In today's times, for me, it looks like the time has come to give back everything that women were deprived off. More, may be the time has come for the society to answer or pay back for its oppression of women until now, not just give back its pay back!

More similar to how well we now pay back the lower castes. We make sure every person from every current and future generation of the lower caste family gets the reservation because every past generation member of his family were oppressed irrespective of how rich and well-to-do they are today and tomorrow. Isnt it fair deal to screw the upper caste irrespective of how brilliant and hard working he is, how poor and suffering he has become, and that probably because his/her parent got screwed by reservation? Lets make sure the lower caste dad of today asks his child to put very less effort and assure him/her of bright future while the upper caste dad is sure he and his children are screwed because some a...hole screwed up from his castes in the past enjoyed his life. (by the way i belong to BC)

Oh, am I missing the original topic of women reservation? No, absolutely not! Just because we made sure no women in any our families of the past were allowed to go out and earn, forcing them cruelly to do the kitchen work, its time to pay them back by giving reservation in every job that exists. Screw all male, screw all families. Just do the right thing, pay back. Just dont bother to care who in the family in particular is more efficient to earn, does it really help to get the both to work? fuck all the logical questions. It doesnt matter if logically not all women could become Sania or MS Subbulakshmi or Aishwarya or Kangana just like not all men would not become NRN or Sachin or Aamir. Women should go to work, because its time, even if it means to screw the parents and parent-in-laws, yes screw their retirement life forcing them to baby-sit, baby-feed and more importantly drive the kids to-and-fro daycares and schools, screwing their health, you have the added advantage of not paying them a penny if they have pension coming, hehehe!

We were all a..holes, we never celebrated women anywhere ever, never praised, never appreciated, never kept them as the source of energy at home, yes nothing. So its time to pay back. Not just parliament but reservations everywhere.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


அவள் வளைவுகளும் நெலிவுகளும்
இணையில்லா மென்மையும் 
எல்லையற்ற வசீகரமும்
என்னொளி மழுங்கச்செய்தாள்
நினைக்க நினைக்க திகட்டாத இன்பமவள்
வீழ்ந்து விட்டேன் நிரந்தரமாய்
இந்த வரம் போதவில்லை
ஈரேழு பிறப்பும் கேட்பேன்
அவளுடன் வாழ முடியுமெனில்


Friday, May 15, 2015

Asus zenfone 2 ZE551ML review

Asus zenfone 2 ZE551ML (4 GB RAM, 2.3 GHz Processor, 64 GB ROM)

Just got it yesterday

I bought the ASUS flip cover as well that costed 1.3k. Whomever didn't buy this are missing beautiful additional features that the cover gives, like attending the call, date, time, weather, photo , all without flipping the cover, Material is with good grip too 

Also my 3g sim works pretty faster than it worked on Nexus 4

On call sound works just ok, Nexus 4 was better. This is significant issue for me

Camera has lots of features and customizations and so far so good, don't see any lag that some had pointed. Yet to try low light photos, but auto exposure adjustment is impressive. Flash seems powerful though haven't used it effectively

Battery charges super fast with the boost master adapter. Battery drains when i keep the display on with lots of apps, yet to be sure if it is a real issue

Lots of RAM already consumed, but still haven't got an issue out of it

Got a 64gb samsung card and all my photos and new apps go there

Lots of minute UI features does give good feel

Touch and display are good. Take screenshot by choosing the option from dropdown shortcut. Double tap wakeup is handy too

Overall its more than worth the money!

Update after 4 days 18:05:2015:

One thing i missed to call out is that, my friend dropped the phone while opening the pack on a carpet floor at a height of 3 feet and nothing happened to the screen or phone

I see that the battery is absolutely fine with normal 3g and phone call use. Works fine with long calls as well

I don't play games so no idea.

Call quality is average for sure. Nexus 4 was better as I said earlier. Literally no use of the speaker on call at all, so low volume.

So many in built minute features impress me as i discover them one by one, for eg, the voice recorder on call, call-back or sms option for missed calls on notification itself, configurable Quick settings drop down, wifi metering in addition to cellular data metering, auto switch off of hotspot after inactivity, ASUS gallery integration with all cloud and social accounts like G+, FB, G Drive...etc, Thank God, if not for the Asus Gallery have to depend on memory drinking G+ to have the G photos enabled.