Friday, March 25, 2011

Nexus S

Spent already a week now with my Nexus S.

The Google Nexus from Samsung.

Haven't used a smart phone before but had recently got a latest ipod touch from Apple. So you can consider this review accordingly.

Will go with the '-' first.


1. Bulkier (than iphone ofcourse)

2. Display is good but doesnt match the retina display of apple

3. Apps arent yet good enough. You have almost all of them though.

4. Error messages while with the apps. At times irritant.

5. Restarted twice by itself for no reason. not sure if i did something wrong ?

6. So polished and shiny that it got slipped on road and got small scratch (my mistake?)

7. Ear phone - :(

8. Most of them all, takes at the least 3 hrs to charge from 0 - 100% battery. Thats really annoying. Approximately 2 minutes for every 1% if you leave it idle. It displays the % while charging. Drains fast when you watch videos.

Lets see the '+' now


1. Amazing touch experience, indeed better than ipod touch. Am so comfortable with gtalk chatting compared to ipod touch. The virtual keypad with auto complete of words (dictionary?) does rock!

2. Faster! youtube, apps or be it anything...i can feel it faster with just my wifi. It is in comparison with my Ipod touch again. I dont have a data plan. no idea hows that.

3. 5 MP Camera - Literally rocks!. Iphone cant stand near this. Flash is a great advantage as well. Dint worry much abt the front camera

4. USB storage. I could copy many gb of songs easily. What this means is , i can connect to any machine instantly to copy stuff from that machine. with ipod touch i can use it with only that machine where i have got my itune installed and synced with ipod already.

5. Gallery loads the picasa albums as well.

6. Contacts: you can join multiple contacts to one in order to group them if you got them imported from different accounts. dunno if it is there in iphone.

Though it has GPS and other things, havent used them much, so no comments. Also i dont see any difference with the music player.

Conclusion: Though i personally have always had an edge for Apple, it is the touch and faster experience that i am enjoying the most and i dont regret for any of the minuses above! :)

Nexus Rocks!