Sunday, October 17, 2010

20 Months in Chicago

Today is Oct 17, 2010, 1.30 Am CST. I landed in US on Feb 07, 2009. I just wanna look back now and see what things have i experienced and where i have changed and log it here.

One special thing that happened is I drive a four wheeler now. No doubt, wouldnt have done it so early in India. Driving in US is the best i would say and i havent driven anywhere else :P. But it is indeed very simple and easy to purchase and drive here. Spent good money to driving classes and i dont regret. You just need to be in control and in concentration. So disciplined it is, indiscipline is an exception. My Long drive between LV and Grand Canyon was awesome. But, if i go home, i will atleast need a month to drive comfortably. Because India is a special country when it comes to driving :) i wanna do more long drives before i leave.

Got a DSLR and every day when i get to explore more features in it, i fall in love once again. Its a cool thing, the DSLR.

Netflix, my weekends are never complete without a movie. Havent visited other commercial streaming movie sites, but take my word, Netflix is the best! And Netflix should be given credit for me becoming a Fan of many great actors and directors around the world, especially Clint Eastwood, Shirley Temple, Akira Kurosawa....
Also enjoy the AMC a lot. once in every week atleast.

You know what....The Net. Yes, without which your world is empty here. you wouldnt need anything other than a car and the internet to live alone in US.

Have understood more about one's personal space in this country. More than understanding, have developed Respect for it. I see people here have lots of self discipline, i follow myself but not sure if i have transformed enough that i will follow the same back home.

Have learnt more about the American history, lots more left as well.

Visited most of the West - SFO, LA and LV. NY and Niagara in the East. Have taken long drives to Mackinac Island and St. Louis. Oh yes, I love travelling. Been to India twice for vacation.

Started giving importance to Brands. Abercrombie to which i have fallen in love. It fits me right and looks and feels great. My wallet, wrist watch and sun glass are all Fossil, it is affordable and trust worthy. Trust, comfort and pride are important factors to get inclined towards any brand.

Let me think on what more.....

Oh yes, Online shopping. you can buy most if not all through online. You have established and proven trust worthy sites here. Amazon, the number one. My personal experience as well is great with Amazon.

Not just online, even the store shopping is lovable. Whether it is Walmart or Target or other grocery stores. You can relax yourself doing store shopping.

Certain things are costly, especially food. But you are actually paid for it already, so no complaints.

How can i miss the seasons. In Chicago, i have all the special seasons, the summer, the fall and the winter. Every season is a lovely experience you shouldnt and cannot miss! The colors of fall and snow fall of Summer is for you to explore other parts of US.

This is all i remember now. will post a sequel if needed....

A Nice Guy

Am i the nicest guy? i atleast thought myself, am nice to be with.

But based on what do we decide this? Our interactions, attitude, behaviour and relationship with strangers, friends and relations. Though i cant put these words as theeee definition, probably most wouldnt disagree. But when we speak about our behaviour and attitude, how best can we decide ourselves? Is it possible at all? Shouldnt the decision be from others on you than yourself. Because its them in the receiving end. A consumer decides the fate of the product, isnt it? But to the contrary, how can someone else judge you without knowing you and your mental state for any particular behaviour of yours. Ok, Friends and relations might know you better than strangers, but still...i doubt. Except very close ones, who will have better understanding and trust. But, trust again would play a major role than understanding of who you really are on their perception. To get into yourself is what is needed and i dont think thats ever possible for anyone even for your spouse. So my answer is, Its You, and only you can be your best Judge!

Personal assessments should happen frequently....what if you miss? oh yeah.... you might lose the moment that you failed and yes you cannot correct on that because you missed it already. So, is it possible to judge yourself on your every action. Let me take it to a different dimension. we wouldnt even need to judge us, if and only if we are simple and clean on our needs. In other words, Goodness should be natural fragrance of one and should not be based on feedbacks from anyone. Infact you wouldnt need to question your niceness forget about feedback then. Ofcourse, positive feedbacks can be inputs, but shouldnt be the deciding factor. Attitude and behaviour are all outcomes of who you are and your nature. If there is something to fix in your attitude, then Fix your nature. Thats the real root cause.

Now, Being Good, who knows the right definition of 'Being Good'?