Sunday, April 26, 2009

Interesting five days

Sat 25 Apr, 09
I felt myself a bit different when i woke up in the monday morning...actually not good...yes i felt myself a bit feverish. Dint take it that serious till the evening as it started to aggravate more. After coming home from office i took Brufen which usually would work for me. It did work for me this time as well, but only for a short period. I planned to work from home the next day. I took the tablets again after a gap, same result :(. So as planned, i stayed home, searched for the prescription email and took Dolo 650 as well, 3 in 6hrs. i could feel the weakness of my body through out the day. I worked very little that day from home, so i decided to go to office next day by any means as my code is getting into IT. Trusting Brufen again i started to office. Nothing changed. Did the same thursday as well. With a bit of fear peeping by thursday evening, i called up my friend's dad, a doctor, for consultation. He asked me to take antibiotic as well with the other tablets i was taking. i couldnt find the antibiotic in the room. i was forced to think of getting an appointment with a local doc. Friday, i slowly reached office, returned home by 2.30PM. At office, my room mate remembered that he had the antibiotics near his comforter. i slept in the afternoon at home. i woke up in the night and since no improvement, took the antibiotic, amoxycilin. Friends started to get concerned and Tarang prepared me lifesaving maggi that gave a peaceful sleep. infact i had not taken bath from tuesday. :D and bcoz of so much of tablets, my own saliva was tasting bitter by then and added to the pain in the throat. i also had pain all over the body. Was totally helpless. With all this, i slept. you wont believe me, when i woke up in the morning, i could feel a difference again, this time i felt better, i mean a real better in the sat morn. yes today morn. wow..felt almost half back. made myself the tea, spent time in youtube and had maggi again for lunch. took the amoxcylin. Had my bath as well finally. No idea what exactly cured me, i could swallow my saliva without pain and the bitterness was very little. Body pain had drastically gone down as well. all good signs after around 15 Brufen 200, 3 -4 Dolo 650, 2 Amoxycilin...all in the last 5 days....:) Hope it doesnt start again...

Remember, Every single day is a gift when you are physically doing good. Celebrate them...dont waste them.....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

$15 Hair Cut!

11th April 2009

Its been 2 months now, i had my hari cut. Yeah, yet to have one after coming to US. Left out with no choice had to go for a hair cut in a near by saloon.When I just entered..... it was 'wow' ... never thot a saloon would be so colorful and beautiful. And it was all fair and beautiful girls who do the job. A girl staff their escorted me. She asked for my choice and then she started to short in the sides with the machine cutter. She stopped. Thought she is done and asked her if she can reduce the thickness of my top as well. She replied, she would shampoo my head before touching the top..oh is it? Great!

Was taken to another seat for the head wash. It was a nice massaging wash i had :D and that by the soft hands of a female....ha ha ha.... Ok done. wake up. Now back to the cutting seat, she started to show her skills with scissors for about 5 mins.

Am i done? She replied "Yep, you are done". All in just 10 mins.

She gave the bill for $15. I added $2 remembering the minimum 10% tip.

If i compare my cuts all these years. i had always thought twice before paying Rs. 25, but now i did pay almost Rs. 850 without any thought...

Am not sure of how i look now, but i enjoyed the Hair Cut ;)