Sunday, April 12, 2009

$15 Hair Cut!

11th April 2009

Its been 2 months now, i had my hari cut. Yeah, yet to have one after coming to US. Left out with no choice had to go for a hair cut in a near by saloon.When I just entered..... it was 'wow' ... never thot a saloon would be so colorful and beautiful. And it was all fair and beautiful girls who do the job. A girl staff their escorted me. She asked for my choice and then she started to short in the sides with the machine cutter. She stopped. Thought she is done and asked her if she can reduce the thickness of my top as well. She replied, she would shampoo my head before touching the top..oh is it? Great!

Was taken to another seat for the head wash. It was a nice massaging wash i had :D and that by the soft hands of a female....ha ha ha.... Ok done. wake up. Now back to the cutting seat, she started to show her skills with scissors for about 5 mins.

Am i done? She replied "Yep, you are done". All in just 10 mins.

She gave the bill for $15. I added $2 remembering the minimum 10% tip.

If i compare my cuts all these years. i had always thought twice before paying Rs. 25, but now i did pay almost Rs. 850 without any thought...

Am not sure of how i look now, but i enjoyed the Hair Cut ;)

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