Sunday, March 29, 2009

In the streets of Chicago...

28 Mar 2009
I was in downtown chicago this time last week. It was the best day for me after reaching US. I felt literally nothing interesting after a couple of days in Hoffman Estates. I thought the excitement about US is over. But no, i was wrong, am in the wrong part of US. The real american life lives in Downtown!
The amazement starts with the tallest of buildings in the world all over...and it continues to excite you in the cleanliness, the people, the beggars, the street performers, the penetrated artificial beauty everywhere u look at, the cars, self discipline....I just couldnt believe that its all possible by just another human like me...i mean ofcourse the americans...You sure would yearn for such things in India.
In my day to day life, the most important and lovely thing i cherish is the drive, the drive to anywhere in US. If you know driving, you can go anywhere in US from North to South or East to West, thanks to the google map and GPS. With sign boards all over and with enough gas in your car, if you drive consciously you can literally drive any part of US. Was surprised to see that no one Honks unless something wierd happens...The toll booths at many places are unmanned, if u miss them , either u pay them online or you will get your fine back home in days, you are watched all over. You should not violate any sign if you dont want to pay that large sum in fine. Dont even think of hitting anyone not even an animal. You will kill yourself to relieve from paying the fine for that. though its a bit harsh, it had actually helped the humans here a peaceful transport (includes walking and cycling as well) atleast 95% of the time. People really are polite , watchful and respect the space and turn for others while driving. Its all so beautiful to see. I do not see just the traffic rules in these things. its about the tolerance level and patience on taking things.
It really is another index of their mind!
You will pity yourself if you do not have a car for you as i do it for me now....i wish i learn driving and buy my Subaru or Audi...

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