Friday, March 13, 2009

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Start of Mar 13, 09:
So this is just to add a few more points....
After the 6 items,

7. AR 11 form: This is a form to be filled and posted to US immigration whenever u change ur address in US. Post it with a copy of your visa and I-94. This has to be done within 10 days of your address change. And have to be done for your dependents as well if you have them here. i did it for me after 2o days....:(. you get this form and more info in USCIS website
One more interesting news: After posting the form thru USPS (united states postal service), i came to know that we can submit the AR 11 form online. and this is available in the same USCIS website. Enjoy...

8. This one is of a lesser importance but still good to know. It is about the claims you can do with your company. My company gives an ISA (initial settlement allowance) for the first week of stay. so i can claim for transport and food for the first week. U need bills as proof for transport expense claim and not for food. the max u can claim is around $100 and depends on the state you stay. so why am i telling this? Bcoz i did the claim for my taxi for $65 but i dint know i can add up food expense without bills for claim...hope u understand....
Final line: Be aware of the facilities and claims provided by your company

9. Health: !!!Very Important!!!. Dehydration - You get dehydrated easily here, especially more in winter without your knowledge. Fruits, More juices or Milk will help you.
Mosituriser : If you would want to prevent your skin from drying. Vaseline, to be applied daily. Atleast for face and limbs. If you are alone, you have to take care of yourself very cautiously or be ready to pay falling sick...More than the cost for medicine, its about the real care you would be missing when sick.
Though most of these would come in the advices list from friends when u reach, am putting them here for you to be serious when these inputs come to you. Health is Wealth!

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