Saturday, December 17, 2011

Love - The Myth or Truth ?

Am gonna talk about love. To be specific, my perception and reflection on the 'image' that has been given to it. In other words on how i see the visual representation given to it and how i really experience it.

But before i talk about the given image, if i have to answer who gave the image? i seriously do not have a precise answer, in general i can call it the society that sums up the media, books, historical stories...etc

So, what does the image tells me?

It describes the love as a divine attraction between the opposite sex. very pure, one to one and cannot be shifted or shared apart from that 'two'. If that two fail to get to each other, then their life would become insane. Anything beyond a 'love failure' for the two becomes a mere sacrifice and doesnt get counted at all. Love gives dreams, unlimited energy, intoxication...
The expectation is that even for a one sided love, for a boy usually, he becomes incapable of getting any possible future love (pure).

This is all what i have heard and read and shown. Did i happen to experience all of them above and do i agree completely?

I have to agree that there is intoxication, energy and motivation. For my school experience(one side love) gave me energy and motivation to lift myself from a average scoring invisible guy to someone who was respected for a sudden positive and fruitful academic output. It did give me the life, to be frank. it obviously also was intoxicating.
I can even agree that it was divine, for it was an attraction between opposite sex and how could it not be divine? :D oh yes, in other words, i am calling it a natural process, thats common to any being. Even with food, a human being gets excited to eat his favorite when he is hungry.

Eg: A plate full of chicken biriyani in front of a heavily hungry pure non-veg guy.

in exactly similar lines, attraction is a normal process, am not even trying to explain here with hormone concept,i dont see a need.

Attraction is as normal as hunger, very physical.

The unlimited energy that we are talking about, would be possible for any human who runs for his long awaited goal and the goal need not necessarily be love always. it just becomes a motivation factor in this case.

So, what happens when you fail your first love? ofcourse it hurts, but you know what, the hurt i realize is not by the attraction but by the developed dreams and thoughts which are the culprits. Anyone who gets to love, starts building his fort with his dreams and thoughts and when the love fails, its the fort that is shaken! there isnt anything else to be shaken if you analyse it yourself deeply.

When i failed on my school love, i did not end up numb to all future attractive females. time heals these wounds so fast. I seriously realized that it never ended, the attraction, but it also didnt bother me with multiple divine attractions at the same time. i hope thats because i get occupied myself with the 'current' attraction at any point of time ;)

So, what about being ready to stake life? to me, that again is a natural process as well. In the sense, when you develop so much of a belief on the one whom you are attracted to, how can you not be ready to give your life? One would be ready to stake his life for anyone with whom he has the utmost understanding, respect, care and affection, be it a blood relation or friendship. is there anyone who would say he wouldnt die for his family or close friends when there is a need?

Its not the failed love that haunts a human, but the memories of those developed dreams and thoughts of the failed love that haunts.

Those who succeed in their first love, are probably gifted, but they never get a chance to see the other side of the coin.

Love (Fort) is built with bricks(dreams and thoughts) and adhesive (attraction).