Sunday, January 6, 2013

The News - The Hindu

I just noticed today, The Hindu, the first one that I know made it difficult for me to find an entertainment news(?) on its web homepage! I had visited NDTV, CNNIBN and TOI ...etc but in all of them you are easily distracted by this so called entertainment especially bollywood news!

Do i mean entertainment news isnt a news at all? I personally would answer YES! Entertainment news is actually just entertainment and no way its a news! it just feeds your senses and not intelligence/knowledge.

I recently started reading more of The Hindu after subscribing to it in FB and G+. It recently had come to IPad as well. waiting eagerly for an android app.

Hats Off to "The Hindu!"

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Impulsive? Online payments

To my memory it is the third time i did a payment in a hurry and regretted later that i shouldnt have, especially when there wasnt any real need of it. First was when i paid 10k to Airtel for my postpaid connection monthly bill, 10 times the original. Got the money later by DD though contacting cust care.  Happened years back, guess they luckily have the cap on payment these days. Second i remember was 6 months back, i bought a wrong  air ticket on my mobile. Had to cancel it with a penalty of 2.5 k. Third one happened today when i bought an online subscription on Vikatan, this i actually wanted a subscription that will let me read it through tablet/browser both but instead chose the one which will let me read through the browser only! :(. Have contacted the vikatan cust care to change the subscription, hope they would help.

Looking back, one thing common in all the instances is that, i had been kind of pre-occupied  mentally in all of them. Also, whenever it comes to online  payment, a sense of urgency gets unconsciously triggered in mind as i know that the payment window has session expiry. This sense of urgency or the impulsive behavior does not stop here with online payments for me, its a very natural thing for me and it takes control of me whenever am not in control ;-)