Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Nice Guy

Am i the nicest guy? i atleast thought myself, am nice to be with.

But based on what do we decide this? Our interactions, attitude, behaviour and relationship with strangers, friends and relations. Though i cant put these words as theeee definition, probably most wouldnt disagree. But when we speak about our behaviour and attitude, how best can we decide ourselves? Is it possible at all? Shouldnt the decision be from others on you than yourself. Because its them in the receiving end. A consumer decides the fate of the product, isnt it? But to the contrary, how can someone else judge you without knowing you and your mental state for any particular behaviour of yours. Ok, Friends and relations might know you better than strangers, but still...i doubt. Except very close ones, who will have better understanding and trust. But, trust again would play a major role than understanding of who you really are on their perception. To get into yourself is what is needed and i dont think thats ever possible for anyone even for your spouse. So my answer is, Its You, and only you can be your best Judge!

Personal assessments should happen frequently....what if you miss? oh yeah.... you might lose the moment that you failed and yes you cannot correct on that because you missed it already. So, is it possible to judge yourself on your every action. Let me take it to a different dimension. we wouldnt even need to judge us, if and only if we are simple and clean on our needs. In other words, Goodness should be natural fragrance of one and should not be based on feedbacks from anyone. Infact you wouldnt need to question your niceness forget about feedback then. Ofcourse, positive feedbacks can be inputs, but shouldnt be the deciding factor. Attitude and behaviour are all outcomes of who you are and your nature. If there is something to fix in your attitude, then Fix your nature. Thats the real root cause.

Now, Being Good, who knows the right definition of 'Being Good'?

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