Saturday, May 30, 2009

My English....

Sat, May 30
English! The language i wish i had conquered! Unfortunately i pity the state of this language in my hands...
The grammar and vocabulary both arent upto the mark, not even in the horizons. Less than average to be honest. I fail to express my thoughts as is because of the lack of vocabulary it thoughts would seriously slap me if they can, for my choice of words to express them...:)
I realise it more when i read my own blogs after some days. I guess it would be better if i start reading a lot and write a lot...but you know, if at all i read, i prefer to read spiritual than novels which anyways would help only a little for my language....
I miss the language most when i read some good english anywhere. it is such a beautiful and lovely lang to live with...I miss you my Dear!
Not sure of whom to give the credits....i used to hate this lang in my school days to keep my mother tongue high in my personal thoughts. Now, i pay the price by being a bad broadcaster of my thoughts to the world in its lingua franca.
I wish someone/something save my thoughts from my English ASAP! ;)

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