Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back Home!

Been 2 months now. Landed on March 27th. Was a lil different this time. Dint have the excitement that much compared to my previous vacation landings. May be becoz i dint have the return date on mind, also its a trip after almost 6 months.

Heat and Crowd! OMG dunno how this country gonna survive this two nightmares. It has become difficult to sleep @ home with just a fan during summer. It sweats with the fan blowing the hot air on you. And the crowd makes your life tough wherever you go. Even the company food court (Infy Mcity FC2) is so crowded i hate to have lunch there.

First week after my return was pleasant. Took off, stayed home, watched the cricket world cup quarter, semi and finals. Distribution of purchases, time with my nephew and niece. Moved my parents along with me to MM Nagar in the mid of April. Been buying home appliances and other stuff now and then. Moving on.

Missing company of my wavelength, but still have been spending time with family and family friends. Movies, temples ...though not too often.

Changes? I dont remember a day of feeling hungry after landing. Also never felt loneliness. These two were ofcourse more than often there at Chicago. But have started thinking about bank balance. Which i dint care much there. What wins? Time can only answer!

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