Sunday, June 19, 2011

The other side of the interview panel

Jun 19:

Just like the kids being nervous of the needle, I am nervous about interviews. I lost all on campus interviews on my final yr BE. I cleared around 10 first/second rounds but failed in the final of the all except Infy's, the last one to rescue me. Though my language was one of the reasons, i would credit more to my nervousness, you can call it stage fear as well. How did i clear Infy then? trust me, it was only by the grace of the God! :)

Yesterday, after more than 6 years, I had to sit in the other side of the interview panel @ infy. I was ofcourse nervous again and actually was trying to avoid it as much as I can for a month already.There were other factors that helped me push for that one month, like, venue was Shols Infy which is about 30 kms and also scheduled for a Saturday. I knew, i have to face it tomorrow if not today. As I agreed, was hoping still for it to be pushed even further by the organizers. That dint happen. I sat almost the whole night to brush up my Java skills. Woke up early on alarm, started from home by 7 AM. I had to be at office by 8.45. Though it was supposed be 45 min ride, started early as the route was new for my pulsar. Reached office, and we gathered in a conf hall for instructions. there were many other freshers as well for the panel. To hide the tension, i started playing Ninja Rush on my Nexus which betrayed me.

Went to the interview room with another panelist. When the first interviewee came in, I got completely comfortable within seconds, because the guy who came in, was so shivering like anything....:D

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