Thursday, April 24, 2014

I did not Vote!

I did not Vote!

For those who are concerned on the above line:

Am not in the voters list this time. But even otherwise i had no intention of
voting because of practical constraints. Being in Pune, when the postal ballot is
not for all public but only for special cases like armed forces and voters on election
duty, i could not 'afford' to plan for the leaves in line with the polling day
at my home town.
This is as good as some one who couldnt vote being sick. I see this as a genuine reason
and i am sure there is very good percentage of people who fail to vote for the same
reason or similar.

It is up to you to be convinced or not.

Lets talk more. Voting is not the end of democracy but the beginning.
In the last 1 year, am very sure have done more as a responsible citizen than
many including those might have voted as well.
Have donated Rs. 7000 (500/1000 each mon for last 10 months on receiving my salary)
till date to a new political party which has given 'hope' to so many Indians like me
to clean up the system, shared it on FB as well just to send the message across and
inspire more which it really did. I did involve in discussions to raise the
political awareness both inside and outside of FB.

Why and How would the above actions justify my failure to vote?
Every message conveyed and conversation that we have on FB or outside FB helps a citizen, in making
a better informed choice when he votes that includes me. Infact gives an opportunity also
to explore the possibilities in which a citizen can get the system better.
Some people trivialise these conversations as "arm chair intellectuals" talking.
Thats true its arm chair but its not 'not effective", the actions can be triggered
by thoughts and the right thoughts through right conversations. I see FB as one of the
very good mediums to be exploited for the benefit of democracy as well.
Every single person should understand this clearly, though voting is
of utmost importance, mindset of stopping at just voting is dangerous and that
exactly has broguht us here. For democracy, some might donate money, some their time, some their
intelligence, some their experience, some their whole life, we should learn to
respect all and the most important to me is being involved in atleast one form or the other
that is applicable for us.

All said, No am not trying to justify me failing to vote, but i only mean
to say, have played a responsible role as a citizen of a democratic country inspite of missing voting.
Oh yeah, i pay taxes as well in addition.

In my school days havent been informed or emphasised enough positively on being actively
aware of politics and involvement in democracy. Nilekeni said, we should make our children watch Lok Sabha TV,
I agree with him on this atleast.

Am proud today, for my friend Hari questioned me openly why i did not vote, thats a welcome change for India and
i take the pride for his trigger was my FB posts in the last one year! :-)

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