Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Can we afford another election of 5k crores?

I was once a supporter of NaMo. I still will not take away any good he did in Gujarat. I dont deny his wave. But he can't take advantage of that to field 48% criminals and ask for vote. In fact its a golden opportunity for him to utilize his wave now to only put up clean candidates. Why didn't he do it? 

All I want now is to send him and any other party including AAP, a message, that only clean candidates will be voted. 

When some argue that India can't afford another election worth 5000 cr, I ask now, then how can India afford even one corrupt MP who can do 1.76 lakh crore scam?

Whether BJP and INC like it or not or even you like it or not, we are in transition. Its gonna get double difficult in future for the corrupt to come back. Every citizen is empowered by technology irrespective of his financial status. And the MPs that you gonna elect already know this. So when they know that its their last term and if they don't have clean mind, its real scary to imagine next 5 years!

Do think of it at least now.

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