Thursday, April 10, 2014

Morally confused Indians!

Today morning, I had to take the empty cooking gas cylinder from my apartment to the distributor for refill. Went for an auto. The distance is around 2.5 Kms. One way cost usually is Rs. 40/50 , no meter. And for return on the same auto it should be max double, Auto driver asked me Rs. 150 for return. I bargained for Rs. 100 and he only settled for Rs. 110. Meanwhile he did try some other couple standing a lil far if they needed the ride. I finally boarded the auto since he dint get them. Within minutes i got the refill cylinder at the gas agency. And when i searched for the driver after resting the cylinder in the empty auto, the driver was having chai and signaled me to join him from a tea stall opposite of the road. I did. I offered to pay but he stopped and paid for my chai as well. While returning i thought to myself that i should pay him Rs. 120 mainly because I wasnt comfortable letting him pay for my chai.

After returning home, when i offered him Rs. 120, he politely rejected and took only Rs. 110 since that was what agreed!

If you see what am trying to say, he actually wants to do honest business, when he asked for Rs. 150 which obviously is not right , he convinced himself then because of some compulsion which only he knows. But given a honest and comfortable situation, ie if he gets out of the compulsions, he will surely do the right ever.

Now after reaching home i checked the weight of the cylinder, it has its empty weight mentioned as 15.8 which means the weight now should be 29.8 including the 14 Kg of LPG but it was only 25 KG. and When i got the cylinder from the gas agency i dint even ask for a receipt because i was happy that I finally got the Cylinder before my wife comes for a week vacation tomorrow!

Leaving it to you to connect the dots!

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