Thursday, November 1, 2012


From my childhood i have been taught to chase and kill whenever u confront a snake. Am sure had done it atleast a couple of times myself at my home (Vellore). The perception was built so strongly that a snake will always harm a human being though it was also shown to be worshiped in movies and hindu rituals. It wasnt pleasant or comfortable either while we confront a snake, not sure if its becoz of its physical features just like a lizard/frog or the perception itself. To kill a snake is also a 'Bravo' thing to do. But, in the recent days, on reading and watching related contents from Isha (Sadguru's), i start to realize that my perceptions might be wrong. I cannot deny the contributions by the Discovery or NGC channels either. A snake, just like any other animal wouldnt want to harm you simply for no reason. Its the unnecessary panic by us humans, harms both the snake and ourselves.I wonder why did anyone start a campaign against these reptiles? or is it just their curse?

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