Sunday, October 21, 2012

Maatraan and Thaandavam Reviews:

Maatraan : Very interesting and thrilling. Enjoyed everything except Surya's climax emotions. He had no clue to wat he was doing. Scenes as conjoined twins were too gud especially their fight pumps you to worry wat wud happen to that physical joint. Importance given more to emotion btw twins than the love pair, which one way is gud ....Logical flaws....oh yeah that's there....especially when a Tamil hero goes for saving the world, I naturally want to question more which I might not with Brad Pitt or Clooney :-)
Its a great entertainer just like his 'Ko'
Thaandavam: Another great entertainer. Its about just another revenge. But other than the revenge thing it doesn't resemble any other movie and that's the beauty. A different romance and a different revenge in a different location.The beauty and the pleasantness is consistent. Its not a great movie but a good movie. Not great because it dint have any bold screen play or climax. Incidentally 'Thaandavam' was the first movie to watch with my wife. 

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