Sunday, October 7, 2012

5 Months - Flash Back!

In the last 5 months, so many things have happened . I cudnt believe it myself when i look back. Had quit TCS and now with  SHI, at Pune . Lost my beloved 'Nexus S' , almost cried a whole night! and most of all am not Single! oh yeah the Family Man!

A little relaxed in the last two weeks i would say, otherwise it was hectic for all the 5 months. It all started with shifting back to Vellore from Maraimalai nagar in July as i had put my papers with TCS, marriage preparations, new company joining, new city to move to, new status in the society and for myself with the new member along with me, all this amidst so many questions that i had put myself on the decisions that were taken on the Go.

Easily, most interesting thing was the status change, I was made to realise it very early. When I visited a near by temple at her home town, Thiruvarur, the way others(you can call it society here) look at you or treat you, just becoz you are with ur partner, they actually did show respect in their body lang. Probably becoz they cud easily realise that we were new couples. I might have done it myself sure had i been in their position, but i realised it only now when i had become the receiving end. So its a society thing! i dunno how these are grown in a society, but is there. And, nowadays, i have been more cautious  (do i have an option?) in almost everything i do, its a family man thing!

Jump in job, was with very many questions on that myself. It was a big company that i was dumping that too in just 6 months. Have to move to Pune, out of Chennai! And i just was abt to create a new family....Gave the job to my logical brain to decide, had some hope somehow and anyways i wasnt personally in love either with the big brand or the Chennai city.  Even if i hadnt quit that early, would have anyways done it in the near future.Had to convince my then fiancee meanwhile as well . The one lucky thing was, the Marriage was taken care by the Bride's  family. Am not sure if i saved any money becoz of that but i sure did save a lot of my physical exhaustion, for I know how much it would need you to organize and conduct a marriage, we did do it for my 2 elder sisters and my elder brother.  If we would have had to do it, the marriage, it would have been at Vellore while I was working in chennai and staying in mm nagar. Would have preferred to stay single rather! ;-) So all thanks to my fate or in other words, the bride's family, oh i should say my wife's parents.

Just a week before marriage, i had to be busy in setting up my future home, oh yes, i just joined the new company in a city very new to me and all i had was 7/8 days to set them up all. though i did get help, it was a lil different from what i had expected. But still was able get all the necessary things except a gas connection. Infact the gas connection is one which had nt got yet!!! :-( We are, sorry, she is managing with just the induction stove and an electric rice cooker.

Married and back to pune with my wife. Until now, she had been greatly adjusting/adapting to what ever she is going thru. One can easily say, its not an easy thing for a girl from Thiruvarur, south tamil nadu, though worked with state govt at cuddalore, to jump with her husband in a new job to a new city for a new life!!!

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