Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jumping jobs in IT

Its time now for me to comment about how anyone would want to switch to a new job. what really inspires or motivates or pushes one to do that?
Now in my 3rd company in the software field. I spent 7 yrs serving my first company, but only 6 months with the next. With the current company, its so far so good'.
My first job, Infosys, I never imagined would ever get a reason to quit. My dad served the state govt for more than 30 yrs until his retirement. And, to get into Infosys was ofcourse my wildest of dreams, especially because of Mr N. Murthy then. It was after so many flop shows in the campus interviews that i got this thru off campus at blore. Was on cloud 9. It all added when i got into the training center at mysore where i confronted every reason to sign my bond with the company for ever. And after 4 months of training, got into the real IT life, into the projects that pays the company and myself.  It was the first year appraisal cycle that came in as an eye opener to me. Did hurt me very badly.
When your colleagues or friends whom you find as you work along of having just similar skills and ability but getting better appraised for the only reason that you were innocent and ignorant of the real software career, it is that moment which was my enlightening moment. I agree i did get the simpler job almost equivalent to documentation but i thot i just did the job that was given to me, dint know i shud have gone for more. Expectation i thot was to perform the job given. I lost the race. It did strike me for gud. Either managers if self centered exploit the ignorant for their sole benefits or they just couldnt have done better with their level of managerial skills. But why did I worry so much about the appraisal, because that tells you how much your salary is hiked and how well you are recognized and your position amongst others. More than recognition, it was the salary difference that hit me bad personally. After 2 yrs, i got to projects of Java in retail domain and thats when i started my real career. With Java, i neednt depend on others to know better, its all there when you google. I had witnessed my friends/colleagues who I believed in my view were not fair and were too much show offs, actually flourished as the days passed.
I realized that its not gonna be practical even in the dream companies to have an ideal work environment, for it is all finally the same humans who are mostly programmed to live even at the cost of others' lives. In other words its not just about doing just your job sincerely but a dirty white collar job. The harm to you, some do it intentionally and some do it unintentionally. Though you would never want to play the games, you still have to be smart and if required even play politics to get  through all the games unhurt.
So, any company is just same with its own plus and minus and you have to wake up at the least after hitting the wall, if not before. In the sense, you will sure know when you cant grow anymore in the company after you are exhausted with everything you could. If with your skills and ability, you know you can get a better work and pay by getting outside and the binding reasons dont stand valid anymore, then thats what i mean by hitting the wall. In my case, i just waited for an onsite opportunity to earn dollars, and after return i took 1 yr because of my laziness but still got out.
If you still want to stick to the company for the only reason that you just dont want to go out or not prepared for a change, you are either cheating yourself or the ones who are dependant on you. This is exactly what pushed me get out of Infosys. Ofcourse, i am not against the valid reasons for getting bound, for example if you have settled your home with family near the company and cant afford a move or something like that. You should really have a long term vision as well on any change on how it would have the impact. To get out of TCS, i had actually no reason to stay except the brand name. Somehow was never comfortable in the 6 months, the work culture, environment, the project, daily 40kms drive to and fro to office.....nothing convinced me and everything pushed me...And when i got the option, i just went ahead!

Its not a sin anymore to jump a job,

Signing off with the famous quote
"Love your job, but never fall in-love with your company because you'll never know when the company stops loving you"

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