Friday, August 16, 2013


Original Date of Post: 17-Aug-2007

I visited this temple a month back approx with my uncle and the two kutties. A lovely peaceful one which is approx 4 kms dist from my home. Its in Vasur. This temple is for lord Muruga.

The sad part is I came to know abt this temple only an year back, and from then on I was very much longing to visit. It fulfilled only now. Check the pics below. It has two ponds one at the top near the main tower other at the foot of the hill, near the start of the steps.

Pond at the foot of the hill

From the top, can u see the lit tube lights in the road?

Nearing the tower.

At the top, before the main tower.

Thats Beauty!!!

The pond at the top:

A big Banyan Tree!! Must be very old.

Low Light view:

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