Friday, August 16, 2013

A day out

Original Date of Post: 26-Jul-2008

We booked the tickets for 12.30 show @ Satyam for Subramaniapuram. And we also planned to go for spencers after that.

After nice Ghee Pongal @ uppii, we (Me, Giri anna, Anni, Abi, Daniel from Infy, Arun from Ford) caught the 9.40 train at sp Koil as planned.

Train journey was so pleasant for myself and abi as we were listening to music with my N70 J. On reaching Egmore, Giri anna and Daniel finished their lunch while others had a coffee @ vasantha bavan. Everyone again took Lemon Soda.

I thought we need 2 Autos, and while I was bargaining with auto wallahs, Giri Anna, confirmed one auto for all of us (5 elders and Abi J). We did make it to theatre for Rs. 50.

Interval went off with Popcorn and Coke as usual.

When the film was over Giri anna as usual scolded me for taking to that film as he felt the movie too violent. Wat to do, I already informed them abt the violenceL

And luckily for me, Abi forced us everyone to Marina Beach. I wasn’t that much interested in initial plan of spencers as it is month end you know…he he he

One auto again to Marina…….:J

            Note : Abi won the above race with Daniel J

Note : Beautiful Abi with Beautiful Sea

Me and Abi enjoyed a lot in the salt water…..

Note : Yes… she is vomiting the salt water….he he he

And, We started our dream Fort in the Sand…Giri anna and Arun, helped us to complete the Fort with flag and other decorations.

            Note : Here we Go….

Note : The Fort… Dream Fort….

We also had a snake and a boat from Giri anna, a teddy bear from Abi besides the fort!!!

            Note: You see the snake above and  Boat below?

Note : yes, the same teddy you saw abi was drawing in the above pics…

Daniel Performed the Official Photographer Role there with great Photos.

Note: Daniel, driving the boat somewhere…in the sand……

Note : Abi’s Best Again …..

As we discussed in the auto while traveling to beach, we all started to Triplicane Parthasarathy temple. Anna took us by walk in the house packed streets.
Was wet with full of sand all over my body and hungry as well and badly wanted a break. After reaching the temple we saw a small mess, we entered in and had a great time (Bajji, Bonda, Vadai, Chola Poori and a coffee to finish J).

Wow, we had beautiful Darshan of Parthasarathy (special darshan – Rs 10 each),

We started by walk after our purchases (drums and whistes….which we used all the way until we reached home….he he he), spent some time in the street’s book show rooms. Then an auto to beach station. We caught the 6.42 direct train to chengalpet, everyone got the seats. We had a final drink of Aavin flavored milk. And then started the slide show of all the pics we had taken the whole day from morning. As we had been chatting and enjoying, reached the sp. Koil station.

Do you think its done, wait, reaching home (uppili), we almost finished the prasadham we bought in the temple, and also a great Anni’s Rasam saadham to end the day.

I left to room with filled Heart J

Some more pics:

Note : Mr Smart (Arun)

Me and Abi enjoyed a lot in the salt water…..

Note : Yes… she is vomiting the salt water….he he he

Note : A lil exhausted .....?
        Note : Here we Go….

Note : Top View…

Note : Do u see the pair out of focus ? ;)

            Note : Can I name it Two Giants ?

Note : Abi’s Best Again …..

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