Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why did I donate to AAP?

In 2011 I wrote about how i was impressed with the lokpal movement.  I was so enthused on the lokpal movement as an alternate to a political party in getting to where we wanted, but it was the politics that won. Though according to me the movement completely failed in reaching its goal, it anyways helped in the creation of this new political party by Kejriwal. Initially i was not completely comfortable in accepting the political form, but i do not have an alternate to argue either. I also still believe either Arvind or the Lokpal movement did not communicate enough on what their plan B was if Lokpal bill did not get through in the parliament then. They went for the kill and Arvind just jumped to political option abruptly as the politics tricked them. It wasnt a smooth transition. In one way it is also good that he parted ways with un-like minded people though with right intentions. I am gonna wait and watch what they do...will be extremely happy and proud if they get some victory and fulfill their promises, ofcourse.
AAP has a Vision, Constitution and Agenda. With all my limited intelligence collected across sources and that enhanced by own intuition, I am consciously convinced that this party will deliver honestly, win or lose.
Finally, even if i lose, i mean if either AAP doesnt win or win but not fulfill the promises, i would digest the donation as an affordable loss, frankly am not donating a money beyond my affordability. Am only donating as much as i could digest to fail and am just betting on AAP!

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