Saturday, June 29, 2013

Need Vs Affordability

Lately I did revisit so many expenses of mine in the last one year and tuned them as much as possible. For example, the cost of monthly milk, DTH subscription, Broadband subscription...etc all reduced to half or less than that. I did not intentionally choose them big initially but i did not insist myself on the need enough i believe as they were still affordable. Also, i have reduced the dominos orders as well these days, you can cook and eat great food for a week compared to a single order on dominos at the same cost. Its healthier alternate as well when you home cook.
Most interesting incident is when I traveled back to pune from Vellore this May, I was so confused till last minute on whether to reach chennai airport from vellore by my Dad's car or bus. Had to wake up at 4 AM, if it was bus and only 6 AM otherwise. Hesitated a lot as the comfort of using the car was riding high on me. With pain i finally made it by bus, and the total cost was Rs. 89, otherwise would have been atleast Rs 1500. It did give me a great lot of satisfaction and comfort after i did it.
So what would you do saving? oh yeah you can do so much, like FD,RD, Market, Donate....
I have been maintaining the monthly budget as well for some time now and that actually helped revisit and reconsider the past expenses

I wish i focus on the needs more in the future as well!!!

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