Saturday, December 4, 2010

Drive in the Midnight Snow

Dec 4, 2010 1.50 AM:
Just came after watching the Worst Most Boring movie Chikku Bukku by Arya and Shreya. Though the second heroine in the flash back scenes was a real good find.
The most interesting thing is the return drive from Sathyam Cinemas to home which is 30 miles. 30 mile drive amidst the snowfall. It was thrilling and most beautiful, especially the falling snow while crossing under the lamps, gives a feeling of falling beautiful white flowers colored by the yellow a times i wasnt sure if the wheels were under my control or was it the other way.....
I dont remember if i had a similar chance last year.
i wish i go out and take lots of photos now with my t1i....yes have got its battery being charged now but am yet afraid to take my dslr out amidst the still falling snow...
Will post the photos if at all i get the guts!

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