Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another post on Drive in the Snow

Today is 20 Dec 2010.
Trust me, this is not just another post. Unlike my last experience, it was not midnight, it was not even the interstate highway but a state route. Its called the Higgins Road which contributes the most of my drive to and from my sears office. I started from my desk at 7 PM today. when i came out i already started worrying looking at the raining snow.
and it was scary when i came out of the parking lot and the real thrill started when i took the Right on the Higgins. Wheels were on war with my steering for a few seconds. I was scared to death. I was 200% sure that i will not reach home. it was about 6 miles for me to reach home. i was driving less than 30 when the limit said 55 mph. some how got the wheels to an acceptable control and got back on the road but no way i was aware of the lane (if at all) i was driving. Though most cars were driving slow, some of them still were driving great speed (might be 40).
Every signal added fear for i wasnt sure if the wheels would listen to my brakes. Never was in complete control even for a fraction of a second.

was as usual trying to follow the previous car tracks, but the still falling heavy snow wasnt helpful.
Though my hope was rising every min as i was getting closer home, the worst nightmare was my last left signal on Barrington Road. This is one signal which you have to be careful even on a sunny day. A real big curve it is.
I transformed my Nissan to a snail just like the one heading before me on the turn and kept creeping behind.

yes i did make it finally. From there it is less than a mile. i continued creeping until i reached my apartment parking lot. I was jumping in joy inside when i shifted the gear to parking!


This was the Best Worst Drive of my 1 year Four Wheel Driving Life!

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