Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Panjalingeswarar - kaveripakkam(பஞ்சலிங்கேஸ்வரர் - காவேரிப்பாக்கம்)

Below content was sent as a mail dated 8/17/2007 (Fri), to friends after my visit to the temple a week before.

This temple, I visited a week back when I started the trip with my parents to invite relatives for my bro’s marriage(27th aug 07). this one is of Lord Siva’s as the name says. Its located in kaveripakkam, next to Waalaja(towards chennai, abt 30kms from vellore).

Five lingams as the name means (panja - 5), one for each element(Panja Bootham) which constitutes the earth are present there along with other shrines. The main shrine is of the Air(one of the 5) Very old one.

As soon as the temple came into the focus of my N70, I started capturing the beauty surrounded by the green fields. When I went in, I continued while my father was explaining each and every thing there. It was around 8 in the morning and the priest was not there. And suddenly I heard a voice shouting at me to stop taking pics. It was someone who was collecting flowers from the garden inside the temple. I answered him rudely that am just taking outside the shrine and that too just towers. He dint seem to bother and repeated not to take. I just said ok and started to come around with my mom.

Then father called me and mom inside the main shrine as he saw the priest came in. Well, without surprise the one who shouted at me was the one who was getting ready to start the pooja for the main shrine. I quietly went and stood. Something was disturbing me inside, i wasnt comfortable :(

After the pooja, the priest was speaking to my father in general, and then started with me politely and gave me the reason for shouting at me. He said that, at times some unknown ppl come to the temple and take pics with their mobile cam, and within few days sculptors are being stolen. Even the police had instructed them(priest) to strictly avoid ppl taking mobile pics. He also added, this is also happening in kanchipuram too. Hearing the reason I apologized and thanked him for the explanation. my discomfort gone now. :)

My father explaining me something

Mom and Dad near One of the 5 Lingams!

Temple pond:

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