Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beautiful Village Named 'Ammapalayam'

Jan 17th,
This trip had most of our close relatives. Ammapalayam (AP), is around 30kms from vellore, a village very near to Kannamangalam. its my mom's native. she had told me a few abt this place, her school, her life snippets ....there.

my uncles are maintaining their traditional old family house for long. 100% typical village house. They scheduled it in their calendar to come there every year with most of the relatives, enjoy for a day or two and return.Dont you agree that its so beautiful thing to do?
hence my uncle asked me too to take off for 2 days, but i thought i would come back to office on friday. :D
you can smell the beauty as soon as u take the left turn from main road which takes you to AP after kannamangalam bus stop. thanks to rains again and again, the lake wasnt dry and the river which flows in amirdhi continues here too.
as soon as i reached the house, started to mount my personal interest in them to take me to a Well to have a great bath and swimming experience after a long time. the water in the river actually is not deep/good enough for swimming
My uncle promised to take me after lunch. So we played cricket without rules, near the garden in back of the house.
we went to the temples of Kali, Mariamman and a Siva's. All small temples but with their own beauties and stories.
My eldest aunty told me that the kali there came floating of the rock in the river and placed herself near it Years before, where they have started worshipping her. A beautiful and gigantic banyan tree something similar to ones shown in the village oriented films was present there too.

Ofcourse, I did swing in it as it reminded me the banyan tree in senganatham, where I used to swing with friends during my school and college days. that one is much smaller when compared to this

The above is a must in any temple festival, especially in villages.
Aunty explaining her grand daughter abt the rock which came floating with the Goddess Kali.


Siva temple

i would also say that the people there are actually living in a different world though a very little distance away from me. Wait, this am not sure though, just the look at them and their worshpping customs....etc gave me that feeling, atleast their practices and customs are really different.
after lunch, i reminded my uncle again, he dint have another choice,
we went on a walk crossing the river to the otherside, into the beautiful coconut trees and the ground nut field to the very special swimming pool of the village.
the Big Well was totally algaed!!! though the water wasnt bad, we could no way think to swim. A failure of the Project "Swimming" had to be accepted. we returned with nothing more than beautiful pics. we chose the different return path. yes, this time not into the trees, just came walking over the river.

Front entrance of my grand pa's House, who is no more.

Back of the House, garden side where we played cricket.

Thats the well we were supposed to swim. it was really big but use less for us :(

Return over the river.

An auction of flower garlands used in a temple. it started around Rs. 2 and ended around Rs.12

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letzgo said...

nice to see my village details in internet by sitting in a far remote place (approximately 2000KMS). Photos r nice, i will try to upload more photos after my short leave in a month.