Sunday, November 29, 2015

Twisted Intolerance Debate

Whole Intolerance debate is twisted to have the wrong premise. It is not the nation that is protested against, but the elected government, which has only 5 years mandate. Read it again, protest is against the government, irrespective of whether they made it explicit or not, I mean the protesters.

Why are they protesting government? Because all those so called sporadic events are triggered by miscreants who identify themselves with the ruling party. And the supreme ruler, the elected representative, gives very reluctant condemnation (?) without any significant impact . the ruler even felicitates the Twitter abusers who abuse any critic of the ruler, check with his party mate Arun shourie on this.

Why is it twisted? It is twisted so that you get mass appeal, defame and demoralize protesters, and any one who wants to support could be defamed and character assassinated as well. This is simple and same logic they follow for any criticism. Any criticism of ruling party or candidate is twisted as against nation, and ask them to go Pakistan.

Again, it is not the number of incidents, it is the people behind those incidents and who stand along with them.

Why only this govt? Did miscreants of past incidents before this govt had so much of strong and open allegiance with the ruling party? May be individuals who did business malpractice did have but not any national level organization capable of triggering incidents across the country.

So the last govt was great? Hey you just throwed it out giving it a historic defeat, that too after so much of public protests against. Unfortunately for that govt they couldn't twist the corruption context as against the nation, though they still tried an extent.

Does the protesters have any right to protest? Govt runs by the tax every citizen pays and are bound to criticism and condemnation. Government is the servant of the public, including the prime ruler, unfortunately!

Edit based on FB discussion:

Did the same people protest against intolerance in 1975?
1975. - emergency period. Are you saying ppl did not oppose Indira? They dint throw her out? Again at any point of time, there is a critical issue that is amidst multiple issues to which focus naturally gets to. When was the last time, a govt is seen openly supporting activities of fringe elements? When your own govt running on your money , is seen standing along with fringe elements, wouldn't ppl be scared irrespective of any violence happened or not?

Why aren't people asking respective CMs?
They neither explicitly mentioned PM either. In fact couple I know clearly said both state and central govts should restore confidence

Why all this intolerance protests are only in 2015?
Ppl do protest and oppose any or every govt on any critical issue. It was about corruption last govt, now it is intolerance. Why don't you question your reasoning which thinks only this protest as manufactured. Just because every opposition party tried exploiting the protesters, doesn't mean the protest is invalid

How can you conclude which is manufactured and which is not? based on facts or based on perception or biases?
By history, only the winners write what is fact and what is not. And people are aware so they pick resonance, I mean that wavelength which they agree with .

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