Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Honor Holly Review

Please note this is an initial review on a 3 days use. Will edit to add more when necessary.

Bought this for my mom and I own Nexus 4 already. So ....

1. Display and screen size is really good
2. Touch is good enough but doesnt get near Nexus 4
3. its thinner and not heavy.
4. Battery seems fine
5. Camera has lots of features, including a live photo, which i am yet to understand fully. I did not try outdoor photos yet but indoor neither bad nor great. Yet to try video as well
6. You can put your photo as wallpaper after login but not on the lock screen, it is restricted by a standard set of images.
7. home screen and back buttons arent lighted, thats a pain
8. There is no separate Apps section/screen unlike Nexus 4. You either install on home or uninstall
9. Sound is very average on call and speaker. yet to try music on headset
10. comes with preloaded flipkart apps. i dont like that i couldnt remove them
11. I did not try games, have no plans to try in future either

All good enough for my mom ....

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