Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Real Challenges of AAP

1. One Man Show:
How will AAP get over it? its not what AAP would want to survive with
2. Sustainable system change to corruption:
Though AAP won capitalising on 49 days rule, fact is that corruptions came back immediately after the last AAP fell. Infact am not even confident of a Lokpal fixing corruption, it would also work only until AAP is in rule. The real solution is having a collective social conscience which works consistently to repel corruption from society. Am not aware of a lokpal that keeps corruption low at US. In my view, its not Lokpal but the AAP, the real solution that should expand. So how will AAP convince the hardcore supporters of other parties who are worried about the loyalty than about real issues of the day?
3. Money
AAP could manage only 50% of their target 30cr this election, where and how will they get money from to expand to other states?
With the amount of creativity, intelligence and eagerness to learn, am hopeful of AAP leading the show

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