Monday, November 3, 2014

Shout against social injustice!

Why should I support Gopi on Kathi story issue?
This should not be seen as an isolated incident, not even specific to cinema industry. I have personal experience of this in my software field as well.
Let me elaborate and generalize the question, the one who is in a higher position, if expects me to submit my intelligence/efforts to him, and either promises me to take care of my needs which he deems fit or veiling it completely from public instead of acknowledging my intelligence in the respective forum, what should I do?
if I submit before him, I am not just acknowledging myself a coward, but directly encouraging him to do it to many others, helping the creation of a social unwritten protocol, whereby so many others are exploited and looted.
The loss is not just for the victim, it is a loss and insult to everyone who actually moulded the individual with such intelligence, knowledge and skill. And it multiplies when it becomes a socially accepted protocol.
i hope it isnt difficult to understand that an individual could and would gain from so many around him including his parents, friends, relatives, teachers or any well wisher or even the society. Had the victim gained his rightful acknowledgement and credits he sure would have repaid everyone who helped him become who he is. So when you stand down against depriving yourself of the credits you deserve, you directly insult and do injustice to all these who built you. If not for yourself, you have to do stand tall at the least for them against these social harms!
Ok, what if Gopi was proved wrong? Again, its not the question of Gopi, its the question of the society!
Does the society stand for injustice? Does the society shout out loud enough to keep the evils in check?
Fate of the society is decided by its own answer to the above questions!
Let us get out of our comfort zones to help ourselves live in a better atmosphere!

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