Sunday, December 8, 2013

So what next?

Does it make me a proud AAP supporter now? Yes but i have to say its still is temporary. I am not talking about not getting the majority since even the media conceded that its already a victory for AAP without even getting to 36. Am talking about the transformation of electoral results to clean governance as someone had already put it. Thats what will make me a real proud AAP supporter.
Am glad and thankful to my friends who donated for AAP, am also thankful to another friend who sat along with me today watching the results turning out, he wasnt aware of AAP till yesterday though aware of Anna and the movement. He is sad that I dint let him know earlier for he could  have donated and felt proud of his involvement today. That is exactly what am hoping and wishing to happen everywhere. It is now, at the least now that every one should wake up to the possibility of saving oneself!  Intentionally or not, most of them are not aware much of the reality of their daily life beyond their family. They are not aware that much of their suffering could be resolved by fixing their govt or otherwise they are not aware or believe that they can fix their govt. When in every single interview Kejriwal repeated the party's manifesto and vision, I got bored and irritated for him repeating the same again and again. But the fact is, there were ppl out there asking for him to do that exactly. They were probably listening him for the first time.
It is not just the honesty, hardwork and donation that did this time, for we know and do talk about so many failed attempts of the past like lok paritran. In my view, it is also the un-parallel intelligence that joined along the race to help the honest this time. No one can forget that there were all kinds of allegations and attacks. I personally wanted AAP to face them, respond them and come out clean. I also warn them to be ready to face even more un imaginable attacks and allegations, for the opponent will also use his own intelligence with power and the victory includes responding successfully all such things.
Now, am not worried about ppl supporting some party even if its not AAP for at least they have a stand now with some reasoning data and awareness and when things unfold in the future they will make their move accordingly. All my worry is about those citizens who are watching this movie without a reaction!. Yes it is those citizens showing any or all kinds of indifference to all the political actions and  more the election results today. If this particular result couldnt get them to move an inch, i just couldnt imagine of anything else that can save them. I pray for them!
I hope and believe atleast those set of ppl who watched everything skeptically holding themselves from supporting in any form will move some inches to do something.
I have to admit my regret for having stopped myself at just donation and fb posts.  I believe my fb posts would have irritated many for so many reasons, but am glad i did what i did. In fact, I did not make it to the rally for AAP today in pune for which i got the personal call from an AAP guy.  Knowing what should be my next step, am myself still falling short as well. I guess I will move there hopefully in the future when its time! Until then i have the right only to ask everyone to stand at the least where i stand today, I mean, Be aware and be supportive in some form! It is not about the country, it is about You!

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