Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mahabaleshwar again

Made it again yesterday (16th Nov 2013, Sat) with a colleague's family. My wife wasnt along this time. It was more of a better understanding. Did fulfill certain regrets of last trip, like buying radish , visiting Arthur's point, Mahadev and panchganga temples...etc. But this time we missed the shri ram vada pav and also the panchgani point.
Driver this time was good as well but wasnt aware of the points to visit, so took a guide. I realised this trip that there are primarily only 4 locations to visit inside mahabaleshwar and one in panchgani. was actually confused until now by the many different names as points which are actually all grouped to 2 or 3 locations.
So below is the list of places actually to visit in Mahabaleshwar according to my understanding.

1. Needle hole point - Which includes 3 other points like Kate's point, balakwadi dam, elephant head...etc
2. Arthur's seat point  - includes 5 other points in the same location like Malcolm Point, Tiger spring, 3 monkey...etc
3. Mahadev temple - As told by the guide, the Lingam is Swayambu, made of rudraksha and is 5000 years old and the temple structure is 1500 years old. Also the panchganga temple for the 5 rivers (Krishna, sawitri, gayathri, koyna, venna) is near by
4. Venna Lake - boating and horse riding. Paid Rs. 300 for the row boat ride that includes the helper who did the rowing.

The guide took Rs.500 from us after negotiations but thats more than worth it for he actually showed only 3 points as we did visit the lake ourselves. May be 300 would have been right

There is a point at panchgani that we missed this trip becoz of time.

But we made it to other things like the chocolate factory visit (guess this is wat is mapro garden) along with fresh juice shop and restaurant, free strawberry farm visit, tried strawberry with cream, dashing car , go-kart ...etc
The cost of dashing car and go-karting was lesser this trip though was little smaller.
Dashing car : Rs. 90 for double, Rs. 60 for single, Go-kart: Rs 230 for 5 rounds.

We had our lunch at Alishah near venna lake, it was delicious and awesome lunch at 4 pm with lots of chicken.

weather was great with consistent breeze and sun. Though ppl claim the season is between March and May, i found this the right season with right weather.

It seems there is also the Mahabaleshwar market that we dint make it.

Am sure my next trip to Mahabaleshwar will be very better ;-)

My blog of First Mahabaleshwar trip is here

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