Saturday, February 2, 2013

LG Nexus 4 - Review

Its been more than a week now that using it. Since ppl have already started asking me abt hows it, have been telling everyone that this phone is more than worth the money i paid. And thats true atleast for me. I never worried about non removable battery or memory expansion.
I had already owned Nexus S (that i lost) and a Galaxy Nexus (Wife's actually) and so perceptions are accordingly:
  • The phone is indeed attractive both front and back. 
  • After i got the Amzer TPU hybrid case, it is more comfortable to hold and use, though that covers the attractive back side.
  • Feel of the performance is good. (1.5 ghz Processor and 2 GB RAM)
  • Camera has so many grt features. But infact Photosphere isnt impressive, not sure when i would use it and it also demands a lot of patience to click a photosphere image. HDR seems to do a grt job. The photo editor has new options. Multi finger Zooming is comfortable than dragging as in Galaxy nexus. Focusing 'after zooming' had some issues to be frank. 8 MP click did look grt. Getting to select options on the screen with a finger touch creating the focus circle is actually interesting, you have to feel it to understand.
  • Tested android beam sharing an image 
  • USB, Bluetooth and wifi - all tethering options available as before.
  • Speaker sound quality seems better than galaxy nexus, not sure if its because galaxy nexus is already in use for many months now.
  • It has also gesture typing (swype in samsung) that i am yet to use properly. No comments.
  • I dont feel it heavy (139g)
  • Battery seems fine too. (2100 mAh). Wireless orb charger yet to come to market to test that.
  • Other Jelly Bean features continue and infact a few minor additional features because of the update to the jelly bean as well. 
  • I dont use it much for games but just tried 'temple run 2' that looked fine.

For complete tech spec, go to gsmarena. To compare with Samsung S 3 again.

One thing i missed is, it needs only Micro Sim and am yet to use it with one. So hadnt mentioned about call/signal qualities...

Update 17-Feb-2013 : Been using with an IDEA sim now for a week and i have frequent call drops! It continues even after 4.2.2 update. If anyone gets a solution or any update on it, let me know.

update 21-May-2013:
call drops arent happening much, probably becoz of 4.2.2 update
Display is bad in sunlight, doesnt auto adjust enough
Camera on closer objects doesnt focus rightly 

Update 03-Sep-2013:
Last 2 weeks hardware sound buttons arent responding frequently. works on restart but fails shortly after

Update 17-Dec-2013
After the update to kitkat the volume key issue is resolved. But I don't feel otherwise much abt the new update.

Update 27-Dec-2014
Got Lollipop update. Had random reboots, but after the 5.0.1 patch, reboots reduced. So far so good, infact lollipop UI features are looking good

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