Friday, March 9, 2012

Nutrients as Food Supplements

As everyone, have been hearing about nutrients like vitamins and minerals from school. Read their needs and benefits and also have been watching ads almost everyday for health drinks boasting with most combination of nutrients. But I realised it only very recently through my mom. She is having Arthritis for some years now. Any doctor visited had suggested her to reduce weight by walking. But isnt it contradictory? how would it be possible to effectively walk daily with Arthritis ?

So she had been taking tablets. Tablets my father had bought her from pharmacy. Not sure where he actually got them prescribed. She needs to take them daily. When she needed me to buy them again, i did save those two tablet names on my mobile with their composition. One of them a pain killer and other a B-complex. I dint understand wat the B-complex was for. i bought the pain killer, this isnt a normal pain killer, its some what special and not all pharmacies had it easily. But after a couple of days, my mom asked for the other tablet as well, though she dint have any idea of wat it was. I was surprised as i dint understand why the pain killer alone dint work. She insisted that i get her the B-complex as well. I got a different brand but of a similar composition. Though she got better, since the brand wasnt same, she had to take more of the same tablets daily. Then i again changed the brand as i couldnt get the original, it became better. Now i realised that B-complex plays its role very significantly. Infact I recollected that around 4 of 6/7 tablets prescribed by Apollo general physician recently after her health check up were all vitamins and minerals, and she did find herself better when taking them.

When a friend visited me, after hearing my mom's arthritis, suggested me to take specialised tablets of Nutrient Supplements. Told me that his grand ma had benefited greatly taking them. i suddenly recalled about a conversation i had long back when another friend insisted me to take these supplements of the same brand. But then i neither was sure if he was just marketing nor was in need at all. And now its all making sense. I ordered protein ( Cell formations), calcium - Magnesium (Bones), Glucosamine HCL (Joints). Started with once a day and since no side effects for 3/4 days, she takes them twice a day. Its been two weeks and my mom had felt the difference already. Also, she by herself started taking just one instead of the 2 B-complex tablets from pharmacy daily.
Have ordered for Omega-3 (For Heart), Fibre (to control cholesterol) and B-Complex (Metabolism and Immunity) tablet supplements as well. These supplement tablets am sure are far better than the ones available at pharmacy and oh yeah costlier as well.

Basically, our lifestyle had influenced in the deficiency of the nutrients needed by the body. And so these now as supplements have become mandatory unfortunately. heard from another friend of mine that for many in US, multi-vitamin tablets are part of their daily diet.

Please note again that these are not medicines but nutrient supplements.

To add:
Iron : Blood, Vitamin - C : Immunity

Brands I know that sell Nutrient supplements:
1. Nutrilite
2. Whole Foods.

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