Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Animal in Me?

It really is confusing..About the real needs of the flesh and soul...on whats true and whats not...For i have started to see the expected behaviour failed to show up for atleast myself...Is it that the expectation was wrong? or am i abnormal? or inhuman? or animal?
Oh come on...though i have a different name, i am indeed an animal in my basics....
The pain really is not being animal, its the inability to be the animal forever or the viceversa...
To put it simple, you cant control when u do not want to be the animal....i mean i couldnt....And i proudly call it being Myself!
Not sure how many succeed in controlling their animal behaviour from their age zero till death.

Example: The so called society expects a man to

Note: This is an incomplete post. I slept off before completing and i dont recollect the complete context to finish it now. Sorries .....

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