Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First day in Client Office!

Feb 09, 09
so many calls in the morning from and to my room mate for car pooling to office. its around 6 miles from our apts and a lot of our colleagues are put up in this appt, Barrington Lakes.
the New Formals, not sure if it did show me good. i reached office enjoying the OC ride.
Had to collect my Visitor Pass, which is a paper stick unlike a non-sticky badge i have seen in my own company.
Resting my Jacket, and Yet to be given a seat, took out my lappy and connected to the "Guest" wireless. First mail from my offshore counter (even i did know this only after this mail) part on the requirements. and then was slowly introduced to many there in our team.

it was completely a different feeling to sit in the client office. i see a lot of white faces. a lot of indian faces as well. and a few faces from across the globe. unfortunately did not find any attractive fig, which is what i usually search for anywhere i go. Most of them were in different shapes. i cant even stand besides....Though there were many mallus in our team, they formed their own gang :(

Have to tell abt this fountain water tap. You know what? i dint drink a drop of water the whole day in office :(.
at around 10 was told i have to join a meeting with client from 1 - 2PM on the requirements. What ? reapeat it...
Client meeting ? Me? oh i started to be serious and went thru the design doc. The requirement wasnt greek and latin after some 30 mins...mm i can manage.

12.30 My manager just came and we thought we should get our lunch from FC before the meeting, for FC closes by 2. on the walk he spoke a lot abt the requirements. Reaching FC, he helped me a lot as he knew am New to US. lots of counters were there, one for sandwich, one for burger....etc. I wanted a sandwich, the easiest choice, wait are u sure easiest? oh no have to make lots of choices and tell that person for the order, i mean, which size ( 6 inch or 1 foot), which bread, which cheese, what vegetables (tomato, lettuce, green pepper).....etc everything. "Manager, please make my order for today! " but he was kind enough to pay ($3.99 + taxes) for it as well :)

Back to the meeting on time. my team mate was going good with in the meeting. I tried to understand what they speak, their slang.....My DM joined in the middle. i had the notes (?) taken in my lappy. there was another new guy in the meeting who looked more pathetic than myself.
was waiting for the clock to hit 2, am hungry, though i could have had my sandwich in the meeting, i had it waiting in the small conf room , where am given a temp seat. Ah its over.
What a sandwich...it was good. i shud have taken the 1 foot long....

what next? i started to sleep and in between had a look at the requirements. i was kept looking at the wrist watch to move on. wah it hit 5, kept bugging my room mate to start. he was waiting for a car which can accomodate both of us. finally we reached home in another colleagues car amidst the drizzle outside.

Reaching home was hungry like Hell. Pepper paste from Grand sweets, Yummy, had my full stomach. now i need to understand the functional docs which my manager gave me....are u ready ??? "Hey...Hey.... wait...you are sleeping...so soon....hey wai.....zzzzzzz"


C said...

hmm...and there goes my brother!
Surviving with a sandwich..in an alien place..

Happy Workin! :D

Anonymous said...

hey man..welcome to chicago..by the way i'm in palatine. s few milws from ur place.