Saturday, March 17, 2018

Both sex at work

My Oct-2016 post from FB:

A friend told me, we are in transition in India, probably in the near future, there wouldn't be any opposition at all for both sex to work.

Yeah I agree completely

That near future is when

1. You would be able to buy good parenting for money, today, you can't even imagine good trust worthy care for any amount of money (note: parenting and child care are not same)

2. You would sure have that mental maturity to keep aside the social compulsion to bear a child. You would make a well analysed and informed decision.

3. You would understand that bearing a child is a responsibility that you are forcing it on yourself and not your other half(yes applies to both). You would really know how you are gonna raise your child if you will have one.

4. Any female is matured enough to take care of the financial needs while accepting her other half's responsibility of taking care of the child. Yes, male is matured enough to stay home to raise the child if needed.

Until then, let us keep away half cooked arguments. Either don't have a child or have it along with all the responsibilities. No escape. And, don't exploit elders in the family for that unless they are willing. Every human, be it your own child or the elders, each have their own passion and dreams and would love to live in their own world, just like you and me.

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